Jeff Wilson

Wildlife film Director/Producer - Planet Earth ,Frozen Planet, The Natural World and many more- photographer, public speaker, animal Nerd.


street photography | martin waltz | berlin 2014 | oberbaumbruecke


these two images of mine won honorable mentions at The International Photography Awards 2014. i’m quite happy.

the jury on the winners is still out.

Lovely stuff from another city

Sorting through archive and am reminded by how stunning the arctic is on the summer - this is Svalbard in the Norweigan high arctic where I was fortunate enough to spend 6 weeks with cameraman Warwick Sloss for the filming of Frozen Planet . More to come in the coming week on the website I building …..

Lunchtime Snaps- Day 2 .

Lunchtime street photography in Bristol . Day 1 .

Why doesnt your info diagram address the fact that 57% of the water is used in landscaping? Surely by admitting they live in a desert and decorating their properties accordingly you would solve more of the problem ?

(Source: earthadvocate)

Sri Lanka portraits

Found some old photos on a hard drive of parcours team training in London- these guys were unbelievable in their ability to become like real life super heroes .

One from the archive- Top man @kodonova cooking up a brew in the Canadian arctic #bbc #frozenplanet #canada #expedition #onassignment #ellesmere #camping #wildlifefilming #tea

Trawling through my archive and found these photos taken of an abandoned Army base in the Canadian Arctic- it was creepy creepy place, but beautiful all the same. If you are ever looking for the perfect set for a horror movie, this was custom built.

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